When was the last time you looked at your CV? Typically, we pull it out when we’re looking for a new role and then put it away until that time comes again. BUT, you can also use this document as a tool to define your personal brand and communicate your value both within your current role and of course to potential future employers.

  • What strengths and attributes to you possess?
  • What do you bring to a role?
  • What problems do you solve?

Answering these questions neatly brings clarity around three separate areas we use to define what you know –

  1. Subject expertise – which is really your technical or industry-related mastery. It’s the skills and knowledge you have that have been built up over years of experience within your specific role or subject matter
  2. Functional expertise – this is the expertise that you’ve gained outside of your subject mastery. It could be things like project management, operational skillsets, leading a team. Functional expertise is a more general, yet valuable set of skills that could realistically be taken to a role that sits outside of your subject area
  3. Personal brand – acknowledging the skills and knowledge that you have gained as you build both subject and functional expertise allows you to carefully consider two things as you build your personal brand: what do you know? and what do you want to be known for?

Deepening your personal brand and being able to position yourself and articulate your value are critical to strengthening your core confidence. Armed with this knowledge allows you to confidently move forward in your career, ask for a pay rate that is commensurate with the value you bring to an organisation and speak up in your area of functional and subject expertise.

In Chapter 3 of Core Confidence ‘Know Your Stuff’ we talk about finding your niche, knowing your capabilities and having the capacity and confidence to share it with the audience you seek to influence. Use this chapter of the book and the exercise of working on your CV as a vehicle to become clear on your value proposition and begin sharing that to accelerate towards your career goals.

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