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“Core Confidence” is a book written by Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman. It examines the reasons (systemic, bias, practical and personal confidence barriers) that contribute to why professional women are often perceived as less confident than men.

Standing strong with the 10-Day Core Confidence Challenge

10-Day Core Confidence Challenge

We know that for many women, confidence is one of the biggest barriers to securing and succeeding in career progression opportunities. If you would like to transform your relationship with confidence and see the impact 100% unshakeable, unbreakable confidence can have in your career & life, join our free 10-Day Confidence Challenge.

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Download your FREE Core Confidence Workbook

Our Core Confidence Workbook help you start to explore your relationship with Confidence. What’s really going on so you can start to make some positive decisions to move yourself towards the career and life you want. There is no magic pill, just work to do and courage to hold on to as you move forward step by step.

Fiona & Kate talk about their Confidence Journey

What is confidence anyway? Women are twice as likely to get feedback that they lack confidence; listen to Kate & Fiona discuss what confidence is and what can get in the way.

Join the CORE CONFIDENCE Community to access information and hear from the authors.

If your organisation would like to discuss ways in which you can create workplaces where men and women thrive, are confident and able to navigate the complexity of 21st century business, please visit our consulting site Pearman & Partners.

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