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Is a lack of confidence preventing you from the life and career you want? Are you ready to change? Take our free 10-Day confidence challenge.

Confidence is a skill you can learn

Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of professionals like you tap into their Core Confidence and secure the opportunities they deserve. Now it’s your turn.

Our 10-Day Confidence Challenge has been designed to give you the tools and know-how to move beyond the stories that limit your potential:

  • I need more skills or experience before I apply for that job
  • I can’t speak up even when I know I have something important to say
  • Maybe the only reason I am successful here is because people like me
  • Working long hours seems to be the only way I can progress
  • If I just get another qualification, I will have the confidence to take the next step

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Our Women at Work survey revealed a lack confidence was a defining cause of career dissatisfaction:

  • 52% of women said confidence in their abilities hindered their ambitions
  • Women are twice as likely than men to be told they need more confidence to progress
  • 28% of women say they don’t have the confidence to apply for the career progression opportunities they want

It’s time to back yourself and grow your confidence

The 10 Day Core Confidence Challenge shines a light on the beliefs and behaviours influencing your decisions and actions and gives you a step-by-step guide to design your future and take action.

For ten minutes a day, for 10 days, you will learn the art of:

  • Confidently asking for what you want
  • Confidently saying no to opportunities that don’t move you towards your goals
  • Confidently pushing back on unreasonable deadlines that risk your health or delivery quality

And, excitingly, you will develop the skill to:

  • Confidently say yes even when you may risk getting it wrong or failing

If you’re ready to go deep, unpack what confidence and self-belief mean to you and start backing yourself in career and life, join our FREE 10-Day Confidence Challenge.

The program at a glance

Over 10 days we will connect you with what confidence looks, sounds and feels to you through a series of short videos and exercises, and show you how to unlock the power to call on confidence when things get tough.

If you want to:

  • Get free of the analysis paralysis consuming your time and energy
  • Make decisions to move forward without second-guessing yourself for days after
  • Stay strong when things go wrong without being weakened by harsh self-talk or critics

Then it’s time to take the first step.

The decisions you make today define who you are tomorrow

Join the inspiring community of women who have taken the 10-Day Confidence Challenge and continue to experience the impacts and opportunities that only Core Confidence can create. 

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We can’t wait for you to start your journey to your 100% unshakeable, unbreakable confident self. 

Here’s what past challengers have to say about their program experience

“Hey Kate and Fiona, I just wanted to say I’m loving this challenge… fantastic bite size lead (nudge!?) on unpicking and understanding our thoughts and behaviours. Perfect size of reflections for each day…Thank you for running this!”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to work on my confidence in an extremely manageable way, the daily videos and actions are short and sweet. Great job”

“Really enjoying it so far! Very appreciative of being able to participate and be guided – it is making me reflect deeper on aspects of confidence and helping me to know myself better!”

Why is the 10-Day Confidence Challenge free?

We’re on a mission to change how women progress in the workplace and make an impact on the future of work for the next generation of female entrepreneurs and leaders. The 10-Day Confidence Challenge is offered at no cost to ensure our Core Confidence message, tools and resources inspire as many women as possible to embrace their authentic confidence and make real and lasting change in their lives and careers.

Beyond the 10-Day Confidence Challenge or what to move faster?

If you want more of the good stuff or are ready to work with us privately contact us and we can book in a time to talk next steps.