The business world is more dynamic, creative and demanding than ever before. Innovation is considered a game-changer for success – to disrupt, to compete, to differentiate.

What is innovation? It is change, transformation, revolution… new.

How do we innovate? By trying new ideas, applying different methods and disrupting existing situations.

Does trying new things always work? Almost never.

It’s time to get comfortable with failure and reframe it – as the valuable feedback lesson that it is.

Clients ask us all the time: “What if I fail?” and the answer we give is: “you will”. Because when you are trying new things and pushing boundaries, things will go wrong. That’s how we learn and sometimes that’s how solutions and innovation are created.

Fortunately, fear of failure and self-doubt are often not based on reality or fact. Fear of failure is emotional and if you can start working to overcome that barrier you are on your way. Getting it wrong is part of life and you must learn how to cope with its potential and inevitability. Along the way you will gain valuable knowledge, experience and resilience. What’s not to like about that?

So how can we reframe failure and consider it a feedback tool?

  1. Understand that one of the characteristics of success is a love of learning. With the benefit of hindsight, take the time to reflect and consider (learn from) what could have been done differently.
  2. Value resilience. When you fall down, the most courageous thing is to get back up and try again.
  3. Choose how you will interpret your failures. Will you let them hold you back? Or will you “fail forward” and use them as a stepping stone to what you’re trying to achieve?

Stepping out of your comfort zone means you’re trying something new. Always being comfortable means you’re not learning, growing or trying hard enough. So ask yourself if you’re playing it safe too often and if the honest answer is yes, what would happen if you played a little more courageously?

The more we fall, get back up, learn and try again, the more we build confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Choose to reframe – and don’t let the fear of failure be a roadblock when it comes to pursuing your goals.