Is fear of failure costing
you the career you deserve?

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Afraid to fail? To look stupid? To say something wrong? The truth is – you will fail. You will make mistakes or say the wrong thing. What matters most is how you respond, and fear is stopping you from even trying.

What career move would you make if you thought you couldn’t fail?

  • Apply for a new job
  • Back yourself for a pay rise
  • Accept speaking opportunities
  • Speak up more in meetings
  • Take on that high-profile project

Are you sitting back while your inner critic runs the show?
Lose your imposter syndrome and gain everything.

“I realised I had negativity in my mindset – self-sabotaging monologues saying I wasn’t good. I decided to unpack how to work through it so I could get the opportunities I wanted.”

~ Winnie

“I always thought you are either born with confidence or not. But it’s a skill and a feeling that you can acquire. That has been the most liberating thing.”

~ Emma

“Getting more qualifications, degrees and skills will only take you so far, it all comes down to confidence – there’s a whole other level that’s available to me now.”

~ Skye