The oft-repeated mantra at Core Confidence HQ is ‘I’ve got this’ and the Cambridge English Dictionary defines it as a phrase being used “to tell someone that you can or will deal with something.”

Now re-read that definition again and take a moment to consider the power in every day if the “someone” that you’re telling this to, is most often you?

We all know the feeling – everything is in flow, running as it should, and we have absolute confidence in our ability to perform. And if we drill down, what ‘I’ve got this’ truly is, is a mindset.

It’s an essence or feeling where we know and can tell ourselves that we have the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual capacity to meet the task or situation at hand.

In a practical sense it means that we:

  • Know we have the skills and experience to learn quickly and adapt where necessary
  • Do not fear making mistakes or not knowing the answer
  • Are happy to share knowledge and experiences
  • Have trust in ourselves and know that if something isn’t working out, we can move on to something else that will

In the opening chapter of the Core Confidence book, we discuss the varying definitions and understanding of what confidence is. We highlight the ten building blocks that, in our experience, are a pathway to the ‘I’ve got this’ moments.

Yet ultimately what we understand, is that confidence is an inner game.

In our workshops and programs, we find that when asked to consider what makes them shine and what they shy away from, participants can quickly respond. They feel they can very specifically name the areas where confidence is absent for them and know this is where they should focus to progress.

So, over the coming weeks take some time to consider:

  • When is the last time you felt ’I’ve got this’?
  • What brought it on?
  • What would be different for you if you could hold that feeling and regularly rely on it?

It’s time to move beyond wondering why and take control of the how.

Use those questions above to discover how you personally get to your ‘I’ve got this’ moment and what needs to be different to allow you to hold onto it. And if you’re comfortable sharing (and inspiring others at the same time!), we’d love to hear your story.