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You can have it all; not necessarily in one day or one week or even one year – being focused on what is most important right now is the first step to clarity

Clarity is a game-changer when creating the outcomes and results that are important to you. And this clarity is multidimensional – evaluating your current state of affairs and what is important to you right now whilst also defining where you would like to be and prioritising accordingly. Understanding the different aspects of clarity sets you up to live into your potential and exceed your expectations in your career and life.

Clarity and confidence

There is a direct link between clarity and confidence – knowing exactly what we want enables the confidence to make decisions and act. Our choices impact our outcomes, and what we prioritise either expands our experiences or limits them.

Why is clarity important? 

When you are clear on what you want, you can articulate and share your value and authentic self. Having a stronger sense of your skills, capabilities, and experiences directly results from clarity  – this is important at any stage in your career and life! 

When you put in the work to explore your authentic self and define what your personal brand looks like, you gain clarity and originality. There is an opportunity here to unpack what you see as your brand attributes, then question how you could articulate them. Confidence can be strengthening in terms of exploring your ability to step into your authentic self and get clear on how you want to be known and remembered. 

This is why clarity is crucial to personal development and career progression. With clarity and confidence, we can better manage the expectations of others and the challenging conversations that can arise. Our choices expand when we have clarity because clarity creates confidence

The cost of not getting clear 

Women are conditioned to be self-deprecating and hold themselves back – we don’t want to give off the wrong impression and be seen as self-promoting, boastful or arrogant. This fear, with help of our inner critic, often overrides logic; working with thousands of women, we know that many stay small and safe, constrained by their comfort zone, to avoid confronting these labels and subsequent fears. When this occurs, you aren’t assertive or willing to speak up and share your value and expertise; you fly under the radar and remain invisible. 

Red flags for clarity 

Once we have clarity, we can pinpoint the red flags and roadblocks that may get in our way to achieving our goals. When you examine what could inhibit your career progression, you can construct an effective roadmap forward enabling preparation and encouraging courageous action. We see two common roadblocks that hinder career progression:

  1. Indecision and procrastination
  2. Time management versus choice management

Indecision and procrastination

Many of us use indecision and procrastination as a technique to avoid facing our fears – we often don’t even know we are doing it! Wanting to keep your options open can put you into a false belief in advocating responsibility. It sounds intelligent to have multiple strategies to achieve your goals, but it usually is the opposite – overwhelmed with choice, we stay stagnant, often plateauing or even going backwards. When you lack clarity, you remain on this cycle of no progress – the more you are prepared to make a decision, it forces you to say no  (or not now!) and move forward. 

Time management versus choice management

Every human on the planet has 24 hours in a day. When we are in the ‘I don’t have time’ mindset, we are so unclear on our intentions and goals. Start to spotlight your relationship with time and how it impacts your progress and choices. Often you think you can do it all, but that doesn’t mean you should. The real challenge here isn’t what you say YES to, it’s what you say NO to. Remember it’s not No forever, it’s a No for now. We like to tell clients instead of saying “I don’t have time”, try saying “it’s not a priority”. If that doesn’t sit well, that’s the point. Time is a choice. If we don’t like how we are spending it, we can choose to spend it differently. 

Clarity in action 

A decision is a commitment to do something. All-action results in feedback which is, what we refer to, as the feedback loop – clarity > decision > action > progress > feedback. Each time you’re willing to take courageous action (and our recommendation is to take imperfect action early), the more you learn and the more you know for the future. Start by taking small Acts of Confidence to test and learn as you go – this will allow and encourage you to focus on and prioritise the outcome that is meaningful to you.

Where do I start? 

When getting clear, we often focus too heavily on the future. Start to question what you want now, what you want in the next 12-18 months, and WHY you want it. Typically, we are disconnected from the WHY – if you are not clear on why you want to achieve these goals, you will be less inclined to work hard and reach them. The more clarity you have, the more likely you will lean into more challenging situations and stick through the discomfort.

Ask for help.

If you are struggling to cultivate your authentic personal brand and profile, we recommend asking for help. As you get clearer and start to see the path forward, you can find people to help you move towards and achieve the goals in a way that is as easy as possible. Turn to a coworker, mentor or coach with 3-4 excellent questions regarding your presence and brand, and ask them to respond. What language do they use? They may add something extremely valuable that encapsulates you and your character perfectly. When you synthesise and distil this feedback, it will be entirely unique; it will be yours. 

It’s time to step in and step up!

Not making a choice is a great way to stay stagnant and not make the career progress you say is so important to you. It will feel uncomfortable, but you will feel proud of whatever you learn on the way! Remember, it is an iterative process – clarity is multifaceted and can feel confusing at times. You are also constantly growing and evolving, and so is your personal brand! Give yourself time, be patient, and then define the best way forward and into action. 

What are you waiting for?

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