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The act of confidence comes before the feeling of confidence and that is because confidence is an inner game. We all have Confidence within us and can use multiple strategies – the building blocks of Core Confidence – to reconnect with it.

Building a confidence mindset is key to helping us navigate the world and our experience within it. It is a gateway to broaden our perspectives, move out of our comfort zone and create opportunities that allow us to thrive.

When we have a confidence mindset, we have the courage to say yes to new experiences, to speak up when we ordinarily might not, and to be more visible in our corner of the world. A confidence mindset gives us resilience, the knowledge that whatever comes our way, we can deal with it.


Key steps to building a confidence mindset include:

1. Notice your self-talk.

Our internal narrative is a powerful thing, so tuning in and changing the tempo from negative to positive is critical. A good trick is to focus on solutions. For example, “I could never do that” becomes “I would love to do that, how can I ……….?”

2. Challenge perspectives.

Consciously looking at how we see and do things and considering alternatives opens us up to new opportunities. A new perspective can encourage us to try things we wouldn’t have previously, for fear of failing or getting things wrong.

3. Take action.

There are moments every day where there is an opportunity to say yes to the confident choice vs the non-confident choice. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is a learning opportunity and a confidence booster.

4. Body language.

Being aware of our own physical presence impacts not only the way others perceive us but how we feel about ourselves.


A confidence mindset is built from taking small steps every day (small acts of confidence) to change the way we see and interact with the world. Tapping into your Core Confidence within is life-changing and creates the freedom and personal power to live life on your terms.