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What is standing in the way between creating the career and life you’re aiming for? Our research found there’s a common thread for many women as they move through their career, particularly as they head into their late twenties and beyond. For a variety of reasons, they have become disconnected from their inner resource of ‘core confidence’, and this is impacting their career progression. Our book, Core Confidence is about strengthening and supporting women to reconnect with that inner resource of ‘core confidence’. Our consulting and workshops have revealed that despite decades of good intentions to have more women in the top ranks of corporate and government organisations, very little progress has been made. We are dedicated to enabling women to face, manage and navigate the personal barriers that are standing in their way. This book includes the models and methodology we have been sharing in our workshops; it includes the 10 elements, both the internal and external facets, that together reconnect you to your Core Confidence.

Book Reviews

I am someone who has possibly almost missed out on opportunities in life because I have lacked the self-confidence to put myself forward. Everyone talks about confidence and how to ‘act it’ or ‘get it’ which is very short term. This is why I love the book Core Confidence and what makes this book so unique.

Kate and Fiona have written a practical guide to help develop your internal strength, a solid emotional core and a deep sense of core confidence to face the fear for any challenge in your life. When I was reading the book, I felt like I was having a conversation with the authors and sitting through a personal mentoring session. What I discovered, is that I already have confidence, I just need to use it in a way that serves my purpose and see past the barriers that I perceive to be holding me back. Coaching your team to discover their inner core confidence is the best way to unlock a high-performing team. As a manager, I gave a copy of the book to my entire team, as a model to develop their core confidence and take them well into their careers.

I highly recommend the book for women at any stage in their career, but especially if you feel stuck or like something is holding you back. I know I will continue to refer to it when my own fears stop me from rising.

Kylie Kapeleris

Every woman needs to learn to say “I’ve got this”! Have read Core Confidence cover to cover & soaked up every word. Insightful & valuable research as well as personal experiences of the authors is presented in clear & concise way.

I’m feeling super inspired right now & ready to face my fears with confidence. Thank you Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman! Adore everything you do to inspire women.

Alexandra Grendal

Core Confidence is something that I wish I had of been able to read around 10 years ago. It allows you to think and speak about yourself in a brand new and healthy way, using a different “language”. This new language has forced me to “get honest” about my career, and as a consequence, has nudged me back into a life of freelance consulting – a move that was well overdue. I now feel confident that “I’ve got this” and that I possess all the (inner) resources to make it happen.

An added bonus: being able to engage in stimulating conversations with friends around the challenges they’re facing in their career and provide them with useful guidance and support.>
A must read for any woman who is part-way into her career!

Lina Ericson

I came across Core Confidence by sheer chance at a networking event and am so glad I did. At the time I was in a new work role in an industry which I had worked tirelessly to break into. By all accounts I should have been over joyed that I had broken into an over subscribed and very competitive industry however I was miserable and had no idea why.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of my disatisfaction, I dedicated an entire day to reading the book and doing the self assessment activities. At the end of Chapter 1 the penny dropped…I assessed my career values and the types of roles and environments where I had historically thrived. It became so clear that the role I was in did not speak to any of my career values, in fact it was the polar opposite of what I needed to thrive and succeed. It took several months of re-visiting the book, along with greater clarity and confidence to take aligned action. The book gave me the impetus to honour my values, skills and future self and knowing the context I was in could not provide what I needed, I left. Core Confidence was the mentor I needed and gave me the courage to make tough decisions.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to create a more meaningful, authentic and aligned professional and personal life!

Skye Bennett

For me “Core Confidence” was an inspiring read written by two amazing woman.
I resonated with every word and loved the self coaching suggestions.
There were a few ‘aha’ moments and things to make note of for future reference.
It was an easy read and I managed it in a day!

Sonia Zdravkovska

Core Confidence book written by Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman

The Authors

Core Confidence is a book written by Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman. It examines the reasons (systemic, bias, practical and personal confidence barriers) that contribute to why professional women are often perceived as less confident than men.