Core Confidence book written by Kate Boorer & Fiona Pearman

Fiona Pearman
& Kate Boorer

Core Confidence is a book written by Kate Boorer &
Fiona Pearman. It examines the reasons (systemic, bias,
practical and personal confidence barriers) that
contribute to why professional women are often
perceived as less confident than men.

Fiona & Kate talk about their Confidence Journey

What is confidence anyway? Women are twice as likely to get feedback that they lack confidence; listen to Kate & Fiona discuss what confidence is and what can get in the way.

Fiona Pearman

Fiona Pearman Author: facilitator, strategist, coach and systemic practitioner

Fiona’s qualifications and background include:‬‬

  • The Art & Practice of Leadership (Adaptive Leadership), Harvard Business School
  • Masters of Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Australia
  • System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations Practitioner
  • Systemic Coach Training, Accredited Practitioner
  • The Leadership Circle, Accredited Practitioner

Having had a rapid rise in her career at a relatively young age, Fiona thought she was unstoppable. Then in her early thirties she hit a ‘crisis of confidence’ and it took over a decade of personal development, mentoring and peer support to reconnect with that confidence that had felt so effortless in her twenties. Drawing for her own experience Fiona’s passion is to support people to reconnect with their Core Confidence in a much shorter time.

When not writing, sharing and promoting the cause of Core Confidence, Fiona is a strategic consultant with a particular focus on supporting organisations to create workplaces that have cultures that support both men and women.

Fiona works with organisations to access the strengths and talents of employees, enabling them to deliver on the brand purpose and the organisation’s commercial objectives. Using a systemic approach, she seeks to understand how each part of the system is contributing to the whole. She supports organisations to find new ways to overcome perceived barriers and realise opportunities by tapping into under-utilised resources. Fiona is known for her ability to listen intently, synthesising numerous viewpoints and inputs and connecting the dots that allow clarity to emerge. Her work in strategic consulting, brand insights and culture transformation is well regarded; she brings a combination of sensitivity and commercial nous to each assignment.

Having worked in senior roles in sales, marketing and brand strategy, Fiona understands the complexity and dynamics at play in large organisations, the communication frameworks to support change and how to engage senior leaders in owning and driving the culture transformation to achieve the organisation’s goals.

As a facilitator, strategist, coach and systemic practitioner Fiona has worked with a broad range of organisations including Zurich Insurance, Coles, Toyota Australia, Commonwealth Bank, CoreLogic, RSPCA, Krispy Kreme, Woods Bagot, Volvo Car Australia, several NSW Government Agencies, APP (subsidiary of Transfield) and UnitingCare.

Kate Boorer

Kate Boorer Author: 20 years of corporate experience in consulting and leadership roles

Quick facts about Kate:

  • 20 years of corporate experience in consulting and leadership roles
  • Contributor to many leading publications including Womens Agenda, HR Daily, Smart Company,
    HRM Online, HR Monthly, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, BRW
  • 19,000 LinkedIn followers read her unique and thought provoking content online
  • Panelist and speaker at various forums for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand,
    Australian Graduate Employers Association, The Department of Primary Industries, Young Lawyers
    NSW, Women in Digital Leadership, Kaplan Education, IPAA NSW, Institute of Managers & Leaders
    (formerly AIM), CEO Institute & Women in Franchising.
  • Systems Dynamics and Organisational Constellations Practitioner
    Social + Emotional Intelligence Trainer
  • Member & Chair (2017) NSW Regional Council, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia
    (Qualified Chartered Accountant)
  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Bachelor Commerce Accounting | Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

“As a young twenty-something ambitious finance professional, I was confident in my career success. ‘Study and work hard’ had been values embedded early and progression seemed easy, with the support of mentors and sponsors. Despite success, there had always been a little voice, a part of me that would be terrified when asked to do anything involving public speaking for fear of being judged or being made a fool. A part of me that would shrink when I would walk into a room where I did not know anyone, for fear I would not have anyone to talk to or anything to say.

The more senior I became in my career, the more public speaking and networking were required, and the more self-doubt started to emerge. At times, I was tempted to give it all up, play it safe and retreat to a career and life that required none of this. Tired and somewhat frustrated at the level of emotional and mental energy wasted on seemingly simple activities, I dived into what has become a lifelong commitment to personal and professional development and the journey that led to Core Confidence.”

Today, Kate is one of Australia’s leading experts on career, confidence and personal brand. She is a sought-after speaker mentor and facilitator who helps CEO’s, leaders and professional women achieve commercial, professional and personal success. Her strong corporate experience and financial acumen combined with years of working as a consultant, facilitator and coach provide a unique blend of skills and experience that guarantees practical and commercial outcomes for her clients.

Living her own passions helping women reach out to their dreams, Kate is also a mentor, helping female leaders (both experienced and emerging) get clarity about their careers, have the confidence to ask for what they want and position themselves for success. Known for her direct and honest approach, Kate pushes her clients to step out of their comfort zone, challenge the status quo and drive change for themselves and within their organisations.

Kate’s an advocate for gender equality and a founder of Young Professional Women Australia – an organisation with a collective voice of more than 4,000 members committed to supporting the progression of professional women in their early-mid career. For over 5 years the organization has provided free advice, education and networking events as well as professional development programs that empower and inspire women to challenge the rules, ultimately becoming role models and change makers in their organisations.

Kate’s results with her clients, driving change ‘one step at a time’, combined with the collective voice of her tribe (YPWA), make Kate a powerful thought leader and advocate for gender equality in corporate Australia. Core Confidence is the result of years of research and insights, working with courageous women willing to challenge the status quo. A game changer for women, men and organisations in Australia.