7 Weeks to Unshakeable Unbreakable Confidence

A program for women looking to develop confidence and courage in their career, wanting to maximise their potential and overcome the fears and beliefs that hold them back.

Overall, participants experienced a 31% increase in confidence from the start of the program.

Next live intake commences 9th June 2021

Own your talent · Face your fear
Create your future

We know that the Act of Confidence comes before the feeling of Confidence and that is why we have created this course. Most women wait until they feel 100% (or even 150%) confident before they speak up or take action and that is getting in the way of them achieving the career and life they deserve.

The 7 Acts of Confidence Online blended learning program follows a weekly cadence that includes a short video (7-10 min) and worksheet to facilitate reflection and application, a 45-minute live Q&A video session to examine the weekly topic in more detail followed by a more intimate peer coaching conversation to drive accountability and provide further support. 

This is supported by a private Facebook group where program participants can ask questions, post ideas and share how they are going with their acts of confidence and support each other.

7 Acts of Confidence to reach Six-Figures in your career or business

Module 1

Get clear and make decisions

Career and Life

Articulate and share your value

Speak up more and be more visible

Module 2

Ask for what you want

Payrises, promotions and flexible work opportunities

Module 3

Ask for help

Networks, mentors, collaboration

Module 4

Fall down and get back up again

Resilience, failure and fear

Module 5

Set and enforce boundaries

Maintaining personal power & say “NO” with confidence

Module 6

Build your brand and presence

Build profile and influence  with key stakeholders

Module 7

Get started today

Are you ready?

See the results that women just like you achieve in The Six-Figure Confidence Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each week you’ll need approximately 2 hours to watch and reflect on the weekly theme, attend the live Q&A sessions (45 mins each week) and have a video / phone conversation with your buddy (this element is optional). If you want to go deeper into the week’s theme bonus resources are provided for you to digest (completion of these is also optional).

Ideally yes, as it is a great way to connect with others in the program, engage with the facilitators, Kate and Fiona, and ask questions. If you are not able to attend live the sessions are recorded and available afterwards.

You will have access to the materials including videos, worksheets, bonus resources and recording of webinars for 12 months.

You are entitled to attend two live rounds during your program access (12 months)

Yes – the program has a 100% money back guarantee, so long as you have fully participated by attending the live Q&A sessions, watching the videos and completing the worksheets. Please contact us to discuss this if you would like to find out more.

No – although this aspect of the program is highly recommended. The weekly buddy discussions create a deeper level of participation and accountability as you navigate small acts of confidence each week. You can join with a peer or colleague or we can assign you to a peer trio for mutual support and coaching.

Here are a few from our past clients…..

  • Applying for an internal promotion (actually applying for a role two levels above their current position!)
  • Securing a significant pay rise with a current employer (demonstrating and communicating their value)
  • Volunteering to lead a new project or workstream
  • Expanding their business to include a bigger team
  • Taking a lead role in a new project or initiative
  • Negotiating a big pay rise as part of new role with a new organisation
  • Leaving a role where they were undervalued and bored
  • Building brand and profile so they were invited to apply for a a new role
  • Negotiating better client contracts – both conditions and fees
  • Despite a career setback, trying again and succeeding
  • Offering to lead an important public event despite feeling scared and nervous
  • Saying no to distractions so they could deliver a great project, be noticed and increase their brand profile

Acts of Confidence is specifically designed to support behaviour change, so you gain regular feedback and experience of confidence by taking weekly small acts of confidence. This builds each week – staircasing you toward your one BIG Act of Confidence by the end of the program. Our experience of working with hundreds of women over the past 10 years has given us a deep understanding of how to create a sustainable connection to your Core Confidence, how to back yourself no matter what happens externally and to work through any issues or old patterns that may be standing in your way.

Yes – you will be in a weekly live Q&A session and you will interact via the community group on FB / member platform, where they will regularly answer questions and share insights. There are no individual one on one sessions or coaching provided as part of this program.

No – there are worksheets to stimulate your thinking, support you in gaining clarity and making decisions that move you towards your goals and that help you unpack what may be holding your back. These provide a practical structure and useful tools for your personal growth and development.

You take a BIG Act of Confidence because you are well resourced with a much stronger connection to your Core Confidence, and continue to expand your confidence, no matter what comes at you. For those who want to explore more personal leadership development, there is an option to join our signature program ACCELERATE Leadership Program

Kate and Fiona have researched and written Core Confidence, a book that is one of the most practical how-to resources on confidence for women. They have been facilitating confidence workshops for many years for individuals and within large organisations. Both Kate and Fiona worked in senior roles in large corporates and are experienced leadership coaches, who are known for their ability to support people to do the work to create lasting change. They have purposefully designed this program to enable you to take the steps to reconnect to your inner resource of Core Confidence.

This can be organised at an additional cost and can be provided by one of our qualified support coaches. Please click here to book a confidence breakthrough call if you want to explore this further.